Single Mom Desperate for Money

As difficult as this is, I am appealing to the generosity of others. I am a single mom to SIX beautiful boys who lost their father to mental illness. I am struggling to keep our home, put food on the table, meet monthly bills and support my children in their endeavers. For example, my oldest son, who is 12, was chosen to be a student ambassedor in Australia next summer, he recieved a scholarship to cover most of the costs for the trip but is still short $600.

My 5 year old son is desperate to play soccor  and my 7 year old is begging for guitar lessons. These wishes may seem minor but will certainly remain unfilled until I can get the family back on track. Before my, now ex, husband fell ill, he was the family bread winner, as a successful carpenter. He is now institutionalized and unable to support us at all. For the last 12 years I was a stay at home mom raising our children, I worked part-time as an independent floral designer and brought in a little extra money for the family.

I am now looking to create a full time business I can run from home but I do not have capital for the start-up, I need $25,000 to start my business, money to cover, equipment, refridgeration, tools, supplies, product and advertising.

I have depleted all of my savings paying my mortgage and ridiculous electric bill. My credit is less than favorable due to my mortgage falling behind. Finally, I have no living family. I am an only child, now 36 years old. Shortly, before my ex-husband became ill, my 52 year old mother was diagnosed with cancer and died within 3 months. My father passed away 2 years prior from surgery complications. My children and I have only each other and we are truly grateful for one another.

Please help me provide for these beautiful boys the way they deserve, the way I believed I would be able to when I brought them into this world. I know I will succeed with the help I need to get started.

God Bless and thank you.

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