Single Mom and Full Time Student

Anybody that can contribute to a single mom and her precious daughter. Times are tough after my business went under. Working fast food now and I need rent money or I loose my one bedroom apartment. I am going to go to college and get a education to fall back on. While I am starting over just a dollar donation can make a difference.

I have to pull through for my childs sake and get our lives stable. I have always did it on my own and here I am asking for help. Well, for once in my life I have to ask. I lost the car in a title loan last month to pay rent so….. enough is enough.

I am going to better our lives at all means. Anyone out there with a heart, I hope you hear my cry out and help. It is the fine line of getting back on track or going homeless. I hope I figured out this paypal button correctly. Please send any donations… even a quarter helps.

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