Cyber Begging Success Story was one of the first successful cyber begging success story. Karyn Bosnak started asking for donations and beggging for money online and raised $20,000 to pay off her credit card debt.

“In the summer of 2002, Bosnak registered the Internet domain name, and launched the site to request voluntary donations from the public. It had occurred to Bosnak that if she could receive just a few donations of several thousand dollars from a few wealthy people, or thousands of donations of one dollar from average-income people, she could pay off her debts.

She reasoned that any amount given would be relatively insignificant to the donor, but if she found enough donors, the aggregate would be quite significant to her. An early version of the site announced “WANTED: $20,000. CREDIT CARDS ARE BAD.

Hello! My name is Karyn, I’m really nice and I’m asking for your help! You see, I have this huge credit card debt and I need $20,000 to pay it off. So if you have an extra buck or two, please send it my way… Together we can banish credit card debt from my life.” Her request echoed the matter-of-fact style of her initial plea to the online community, which she had made using

Bosnak was not the first individual to openly solicit voluntary donations via the Internet; documented examples go back at least as far as 1998. However, she was one of the first to have a clearly defined goal (rather than “I want money”, she stated that she needed a specific amount to eliminate her credit card debt). She regularly updated the site with amounts received and progress made toward her goal.”

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