how to start a cyber begging website service

How to Start a Cyber Begging Website Service

Register a domain name that has keywords related to begging online such as; panhandling, beg, begging, beggar, need money, etc…

Use your imagination since these keywords will help you get ranked in the search engines. Which means or translates into visitors which is want you want.

Design a Website

If you have the budget hire a web designer to build your online begging site. It should be easy to navigate and fast loading!

The links on your webpage that help visitors navigate the cyberbegging site should be text based and not an image file.

There are many free and paid resources online that can help you find website builders or software and even designers.

Free Begging or Subscription Donation Site

Decide whether or not you will charge a fee for your services or go the free route. Let’s be honest most people asking for money online have very little money in their pockets.

So decide early on what your revenue model will be. You can allow users to post free donation requests on your site and then generate income from running relevant ads on your site.

Affiliate Marketing and subscription services where users are charged a monthly fee are other forms of generating revenue and may be combine or used separately.

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