Free Cyber Begging And Online Panhandling

Hello i am in need of donations i am currently staying with my mother and our 2 weeks are up her manager said we have to leave and i have 2 small children that are involved in this mess i need donations to help get us in a place to live any little bit will help this is not a scam nor a joke nor an easy way to get money

i love my familly and i dont want to loose my little girls anything u may have to offer money,clothes,or food will help the money donations will go to helping us get a place to live if u can help me at all with anything at all every little bit counts i will open a bank account and save every dime untill i can affored a place to live for me and my girls. if u can help thank you and god bless you and may god help me and my little girls they are only 3 and 5 im sorry for being up front but i dont know what else to do

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