Need Money Donations

Please Donate Money

After my partner left me and my son with debt I can’t cope. I
had a business loan to drive my own taxi, I was let down time after time by
my son’s dad the stress of it all I ended up getting ill, I was then I

diagnosed with lupus and I am now on disability and in debt with no help so
I’ve so many bills I cant even live from week to week I’ve lost a stone and
a half and see no way out ,I dont mind but I have to feed my teenage son as

he is growing and play’s GAA and needs nutrition .I am so grateful to all ye
lifesavers xx I have no support or help from family I know in this life your
on your own but literally sick from it all now I am only 34 my son is 14 , I

have been coping on my own since he was 4 ,just had enough now my hair is
falling out and in my twenties I was quite a looker !! I feel 60yrs old

please help n make a difference my family prefer to help strangers ,I
believe charity starts at home and I will always be here for my son forever
thanks for listening xx

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