Need Money for Rent Bills Survival


I just dont know where to turn anymore! I am 65 years old disabled and my
bills are beyond my control. Since my wife had her stroke 1 year ago my life
has become a nightmare. Social security barely pays the bills and I have

fallen behind on rent, electric and medical co-payments. Taking care of her
needs is a full time job and sometimes we barely have food to eat. Most
nights we sit and cry about how we are going to survive the next day. I was

laid off and forced into retirement by an auto accident last year and I cant
work due to both our medical problems. We dont have family we can turn to
and social services cant help, so we are turning to this site to ask for
help! We are very close to losing everything and need about $2000 just to

survive. It is hard for me to beg for help but right now I dont have much
choice! Whatever money you can spare will be deeply appreciated. If I can do
something in return for someone else when things get better, I will remember
your kindness. God bless you and yours.

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