Please Donate to My Family in Need

This is not easy for me to do. I have always worked hard for my money and I have a lot of pride so I do not like to ask for help. But my family is in a bind. My name is Erica. I am 25 years old and I am a full time student. I hope to one day earn a masters degree in Education and I would like to be a teacher. (maybe one day a writer as well.)

My family has always been very close and we always take care of each other. Well my sisters and I lost my mother 2 days before this past Christmas. It was very sudden and unexpected. We still are not sure why. She did not have any kind of life insurance and she was on disability so there was no money left over for funeral arrangements. I have moved in to my step dad’s house to help support him, my younger sister, and my two year old nephew.

I had to cut my hours at work to part time for school and to help take care of my family. Thing are really difficult for us financially now. My step dad is getting older and he is working his self into
the ground. We could really use an angel right now. It is a constant struggle to get bills paid and to pay of debt. I am trying not to drop out of school because I know an education is the only way to make something of my self. But I fear I might not have a choice before to long if the bills keep adding up.

Any thing that any one can do to help us would be great. It would be nice to stop stressing about money so that I can start properly grieving the loss of my mother. God Bless everyone and thank you.

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