Financial Help For A Struggling Destitute Family

My two children and I need to move house and unfortunately we don’t have the funds. I home-school my 10 year old son after constant bullying that resulted in injury, physical and mental. He talked of hurting himself, not wanting to wake up or to go away and never come back.

He has not been out to play in this area for over 2 years and has no friends because all the children around here make fun of him because he has a sister with special needs. My son and his sister never want to go out in the garden because of a neighbour who has threatened us on numerous occasions, shouting and swearing, they are scared. My daughter is 9 and doesn’t speak but makes noises and uses a little sign language.

I’ve had comments over the fence making fun of her from said neighbour. My son hurt himself and was crying and the neighbour laughed at him. There has been so much happened here. We all feel depressed living here, it has been ongoing now for nearly 5 years and need to get away permanently. We want to move completely to another town but can’t even afford the removal funds.

It’s so unfair my daughter has such a rare disorder they don’t even know what the future holds for her or quality of life. I don’t want her to spend what life she does have hiding away from people because around here people are so nasty. Any donations would be very much appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you would make the lives of 2 children very happy and change it in a way that would be priceless.

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