Disabled American Veteran needs help

Around july of last year i was diagnosed with a diseased gallbladder. Even though i had va coverage, the va was doing nothing about my condition. Around thanksgiving of same year, I ended up going to the local hospital late night before thanksgiving. They admitted me. The va refuses to pay for the treatment so i am stuck with a 7500 medical bill that i can not pay. On top of that earlier this year my car suffered 2375 dollars worth of damage due to a bad oil change. I took the guy to court and lost even though i had a toyota expert witness. I had to take out two loans to pay the total damages because i had to pay 475 before that to fix his error due to a defective oring he refused to make right. I am a single mom and trying to make it in life . I seriously need help to get these bills caught up. i am a very sick mom as i have had nothing but illness this whole year. I rarely ever feel good and still suffer attacks due to my intestines being out of harmony. The va hospital is over 75 miles away to the closest one. I had submitted for travel pay and got denied. They also deny letting me see a local doctor unless i want to take on an extra bill. Just recently i had an attack. It was so bad that i started convulsing and looked like i was being electrocuted. I am allergic to certain foods that contain wheat and milk. The foods i can eat are getting very expensive and not very affordable at this point.  I would like to work , but i have a right total knee replacement that prevents me from doing a lot of activities that i would like to be doing even with my son. I have had a total of 9 operations alone on my right knee before i could even think about walking again. The right knee replacement is a total knee replacement. At first glance, I was very leary of this site. However, i have exhausted all resources of help and have nowhere left to turn. I am a firm believer in if i cant afford it i do not need it. This has been a very bad year for me medically and financially. I just need some help to climb my way out of this hole my medical condition has been causing me.

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