A Disabled Veteran Needs Help

Let Us Help You Get Out Of Debt

Hello. I am writing in desperation. My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran
and the Veteran’s Administration will not expedite his disability
claim/compensation, or even schedule timely appointments to treat his

medical problems. This is not uncommon! Many veterans are experiencing this
lack of care and support. However, one never knows when or if the VA might
make a determination on one’s claim – could be next month, could be
never. You may have read in the news that the VA has altered veterans’
file information in order to justify disqualification of vets’ claims.

His back was broken in a plane crash in Vietnam – it has now developed
into extremely painful osteoarthritis. He was exposed to Agent Orange and
gets skin cancers. He worked many years after leaving the service. He
suffered leukemia in the 1990s. We’re all vulnerable to circumstance . . .
I was laid off from my job this year and I have not yet been able to find
work. Our concerns right now are basic survival – rent and food – avoiding
homelessness – and my finding of work to get us back on track.

Does someone out there have a few dollars for us?

Thank you for listening.

Let Us Help You Get Out Of Debt