Can Someone Help Me Financially

Please help my Mother and I

I suffer from a condition called Porhyria Cutanae Tarda which makes my being
exposed to sun-light potentially deadly, more than half an hours exposure
can result in horrible blistering burns that puss and ooze and cause the

skin where I was burnt to slough off.. Sufficed to say because of this
getting a job has been impossible and everything I’ve applied for disability
wise has taken forever or been unavailable to me.

I’ve been here with my Mother since midway through July and things are
horrible tight, they’re just getting tighter. Now my Mother has to pay
land-taxes for the house and cannot afford to pay the full taxes, we’re

going to have to pay a penalty because of that and on top of everything else
we’re not making enough to afford groceries right now so we don’t have
hardly anything to eat.

Please I’m begging someone out there, help my Mother and I. We just need a
little to afford groceries and pay off some bills, anything would help.
Please please consider.

Thank you.

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